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03 Oct 2023

Fat Tire Electric Bike Flats


E-bikes, and in particular the fat tire electric bikes, are taking the cycling world by storm. These bikes allow us to traverse varied terrains with newfound ease. However, amid the thrill of riding a new fat tire electric bike, the problem of "Fat Bike Tire Flats" often remains overshadowed.

While most e-bikes have a weight around 72 to 73 pounds, the fat tire electric bike is specially designed to navigate rugged terrains. But with its design comes the challenge: how do you manage the risk of fat bike tire flats, especially when you're miles away from civilization?

Unpacking the Real Challenge with Fat Bike Tire Flats

A flat tire isn't just an inconvenience on an e-bike; it's a significant hurdle, more so on a fat tire electric bike designed for challenging terrains. The very e-bike that promises epic adventures can become a heavy burden if not equipped to handle these unexpected tire issues.

Tannus Liners: Fat Tire Electric Bike’s Shield Against Tire Flats!

At Pronghorn Bicycles, we're more than just bike sellers; we're your cycling partners. Our go-to solution for the prevalent issue of fat bike tire flats? Tannus Liners.

For a mere 60 bucks a wheel, Tannus Liners offer a protective barrier against the common culprits of fat bike tire flats. Whether it's sharp rocks, goat heads, thorns, or debris, these liners have consistently shielded fat tire electric bikes from punctures.

Simplified Installation Process

Integrating Tannus Liners into your fat tire electric bike is straightforward. Remove the tube, slot it back in, and position the liner between the tire and tube. Even for newcomers, within an hour, you're all set to embrace any terrain, sans the anxiety of potential tire flats.

Why let unpredictable terrains dictate your fat tire electric bike adventures when a preventive solution is within reach? If you're one to push the boundaries with your e-bike, Tannus Liners are an invaluable investment.

Tackle Fat Bike Tire Flats Head-On with Pronghorn Bicycles

A fat tire electric bike offers unparalleled freedom. Don’t let fat bike tire flats disrupt your journeys. Dial us at 435-230-3775.

With Tannus Liners, the horizon is yours to explore. Set forth confidently, knowing that fat bike tire flats won't hinder your progress.

Eager to explore uncharted terrains with your fat tire electric bike without the perpetual fear of tire flats? Pronghorn Bicycles has got you covered. Embark on your next adventure with confidence.


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